The HA Society

A community for women with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

Feel supported and connect with other women that are recovering – or have recovered – their periods.

No one else around you understands what HA even is – but we get it.

The world seems to be promoting “perfection” while you’re trying to understand why that goal isn't serving you the way you thought it was supposed to.

Other women seem to work out with no repercussions to their health and fertility...but you can’t do that right now. Huh?!

And, well, what if YOU can't get your period back? What if you gain "all this weight" and still no period?! What if the people you love and respect stop loving and respecting you back?! You know that's not really going to happen...but why does it still stop you from doing the work you need to do to recover?

You really don't have to fear all of these things. You CAN work through this.

That’s why The HA Society has been created.

"I REALLY enjoy the community calls. I love listening to others stories, it makes me feel like I’m not alone. I really like any group interactions and conversations. Also, the message board is great too!" - Hilary

"The people are all so supportive, which is awesome. Since this is something none of my friends know about it's hard to find people that understand, so it's great to have this community."  - Joni

My favourite part is definitely the calls, it’s been so nice to talk and see so many other women who have been in the same position as me!" - Elyse

What's inside?

A community platform – outside of the usual social media – where you can connect, learn, lean on and work through HA with other women going through it.

Community Calls
Attend weekly zoom calls to connect with the other women in the society. We’ll have mindfulness exercises, hot seats, group coaching and Q&A's for specific issues.

Your Digital HA Coaches
When you join, you're introduced to us, Dani and Ashley, your community leaders. You can ask us all your questions and get guidance.

Message Board
Post your questions, wins and struggles in the message board and interact with the other members there.

Early Release of The HA Podcast
Access ALL the HA Podcast Episodes weeks before they come out.

Book club, pregnancy club  – whichever additional groups suit you, come in and join!

Resources Library
Learn, develop and work through HA with mini courses on FAM, body image, nutritional assessments and more.

Attend Virtual, Expert-Led Sessions
Join professionals and practitioners for exclusive lessons and Q&A's on nutrition and exercise, mindfulness, fertility awareness, body image and more!

The HA Society opens every new moon.

Not seeing it open right now? Then...


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